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Your furniture will become soiled over time, no matter how hard you try to prevent it. Aside from spills etc, simply sitting on the suite will leave residues of sweat and oil from your hair and hands. Ultimately, your furniture will become sticky which, in turn, will attract dust and dirt which will adhere to the surface. Cats, dogs and other pets (not to mention small children!) can speed up this process, making your sofa and armchairs look grubby.

The same will apply to dining room chairs with fabric seats. Once dust and dirt are attracted to the suite, they become embedded and start to wear away at the fabric, notably in the areas withstanding most contact, such as the arms of a chair. Proper cleaning helps to prevent your suite from ageing.

We have the equipment and chemicals necessary to remove dirt and oils from the fabric, leaving the suite clean, brighter and deodorised. Also offer stain protection for your suite; the stain-protection chemical helps to protect against damage from dirt and spills.