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Carpeting your home or office is a significant expenditure, often costing thousands of pounds. Not everyone can afford premium, high quality carpet, but even the lower priced carpets make the exercise of carpeting you’re home a costly expense.

All carpets get dirty over time – soiling such as spills and stains are obvious, however unseen dust and dirt will affect the life of your carpets. Every carpet will be affected by dirt and dust, especially in the most often used areas through doorways, around furniture and beds etc.

In these areas, dust and dirt will be ground into the carpet fabric and, over time, it will wear away at the carpet fibers. Eventually, the fibers will become fragile and start to break. This results in carpet “fluff” and later, threadbare areas on the carpet. Keeping your carpets clean with a thorough, professional clean is one of the best ways of protecting your carpet. It will help to prolong the life of your carpet as well as making the house look clean and tidy!